Okai... So here are the rules!

You CANEdit

1. Swear

2. Kick (Only if I say)


1. Spam

2. Ban without my permission

3. Make personal attacks.

You can have picture's of yourself Kai? Please do not make personal attacks or it will be an immediate kick/ban! M'kai? Don't be racist or make fun of anyone's Country. Don't bully. If anyone is annoying you, or you are having any trouble with the mods/admins, please message me on my page or in Pm.

Users who break the above rules may be punished by being kicked or banned from using the chat and/or being blocked from using the wiki as a whole. The type and length of a punishment will depend on the severity of the rule-breaking, as decided by the wiki's administrators and chat moderators. Unless the first offense is severe, users will not be banned or blocked unless they have already been given a warning. Less severe bans will follow a 3 strikes rule: after 3 prior bans of a certain duration, a permanent ban from chat will be issued.Chat moderators should leave a message on the talk page of any person who is banned from chat. M'kai?

After 3 kicks, you get a ban. First 2 hours, then it will go up.